Newsletter Nov 2013

The New Life Centre has been extremely busy in recent times with the requests for accommodation outnumbering our facilities on a regular basis. Recently we had 9 young women in the house which is designed to sleep 7 at a push. This does tend to stretch our resources and is very tiring for Rennie and Wietz. But by the grace of God we do seem to manage.

You probably know that our proposal to add one additional bedroom and an area for relaxation and training is still on the agenda. However, the building project appears  to have negative forces against us at the moment. The plans were not approved as the regulations have changed since we first started the project. We have asked the designer to see if we can meet the changed regulations.

We do appreciate the generous giving of time, talent and resources by our faithful supporters and volunteers. We could not continue without your prayerful encouragement and consistent giving.

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Thank You

We humbly acknowledge the following and say 'thank you' for your kindness:

The Paternoster Trust for the donation of a reliable vehicle that meets the needs of the New Life Centre.

To Wingfield Motors for their assistance in finding a suitable pre-owned vehicle at an affordable price.

To all those wonderful people who donate groceries on a regular basis.

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Annual Report 2013

The Annual report is available. To download please click link below.

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Update as at 1 Feb 2015

 Year Number of Mothers helped      Total
1997- 2005 49 141 190
2006 10 17 27
2007 8 24 32
2008 11 30 41
2009 7 26 33
2010 6 30 36
2011 6 25 31
2012 8 34 42
2013 4 42 46




TOTAL 115 415 530

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Companies and people who care

Robert Scott Architects
Old Mutual
Helping Hands
Africa Cares For Life
Bellville Methodist Church
Joshua Generation Church
Community Chest
Starr the Code Cowboy
Various Women Auxiliries in the Methodist Churches
Bellville Presbyterian Church
Safety Chemicals cc
Brights Hardware

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