Letter from my heart

Today I witnessed the birth of a baby evident of a society that is sick… I watched as skilful hands worked to bring her into this life - saw God breath life into her little lungs and knew He has given her a purpose and a destiny in this life……WHAT A PRIVILEDGE…

I welcomed a new girl into our home – raped twice… After trying to take her own life, she decided to embrace the baby growing in her stomach and give life to someone else through her circumstance….

I witnessed a brave mother exchange her sadness of giving her baby up for adoption, for the joy of parents on the other side of the world who have been waiting 9 years for this divine moment in their life…. The meeting…. Sharing something so special only God can orchestrate…sharing a child… I witnessed the sadness of a grandmother, diagnosed with cancer for the second time, saying goodbye to her 4 month old grandchild she would probably never see again….

What is the purpose to all of this…. Where is God in all of this?... RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE… He is the one that enables us to help a dying world; The One who gives us the strength to help carry some of the sadness and hurt of so many others out there.

Today I had the privilege of mending a precious friendship… With the raw memories of a friend losing her brother in a car accident only days ago, I realize how short life is and how precious it is. Never do we know what the day of tomorrow holds and the love of family and friends is the gift that God gives us daily. Sleepless nights and sick kids…moments that are cherished… because we have them… Who knows what the day of tomorrow will bring…

Let’s use every opportunity to its fullest! Let’s seize the day and allow God to use us as instruments in His hands. That is all we are…we have no control, we are His instruments, in His hands. Allow yourself to be used by Him today….

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Committee Members, Volunteers and Partners

Social Worker; Sunette

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