Welcome to New Life Centre

Who we are.

New Life Centre offers a home to pregnant women and girls in crisis. In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, the woman and her family go through extreme upheaval and confusion. They are often unable to see beyond their immediate circumstances and without correct counsel and support, can be forced into making decisions, which have far-reaching implications for all concerned, particularly mother and child. The New Life Centre is far more than a place of safety, it is a place of refuge where healing takes place.

All women, without exception, come to us from an environment of rejection and abuse of one kind or another, 90% coming from historically marginalized backgrounds. We have seen girls as young as 11 and 12 come in to the centre after a traumatic rape / family rape & abuse experience. We have seen young women come in with sad, dull eyes and within literally one week of being surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance those same eyes sparkle and there is laughter. It is a privilege to see God at work in their lives.

New Life Centre is part of a Christian family that offers hope and support to pregnant women who choose life for their unborn babies by releasing them for adoption. They are directly involved in the adoption process by choosing a family for their babies and meeting them.

We are far more than a place of safety, we are a place of refuge where healing takes place. The home can accommodate 10 girls, and at any given time we have 6 girls living in the home.

In the time that the girls stay with us, they receive in depth counselling regarding the adoption process and counselling with regards to where they find themselves in their lives and where to from here! We aim to assist our girls to develop their potential by the programs we run: Lifeskills course, sewing, beading/jewellery, customer relations course, computer skills course, crocheting, guesthouse training and more.

These ladies are in crisis and do not contribute in any way at all.

Our purpose is threefold:

1. Our deepest desire is that each person entering New Life Centre would come to know how much our Father loves them and that they might grow in the knowledge of their worth,
2. We offer indepth counselling in order for them to be able to make informed choices with regard to their future,
3. Growing the girls in self-value of skills.

Whom we serve

Pregnant women, irrespective of culture or religion.
Our counselling is aimed at helping our residents to make informed decisions about single parenting and adoption.


The New Life Centre arose out of a concern that Bellville Methodist Church had pertaining to the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, No 92 of 1996.

We believe in the sanctity of human life and that all life is a gift from God.

Our house parents, supported by our management committee, partime volunteers & social workers, are committed to sharing the gospel of Christ in such a way that is unthreatening but very real. This is done most effectively by surrounding those who come to us with unconditional love and acceptance.

Welfare nr: 011020099
Methodist Church of Southern Africa Public Benefit Organization No. 18/11/13/690

How can you help

Through a small donation you can give these mothers and their babies a chance. If you are prepared to commit to a small monthly donation, it will enhance our ability to offer the support and service our community so badly needs. Your support can make all the difference!

You can assist through:

  • Prayer
  • Inviting us to tell you and your friends/ colleagues more, to speak at your associations, groups, churches.
  • Contributing your time, energy and skills. We need lots of help. Phone today!!!!
  • Giving a once-off donation
  • Committing yourself to contribute as little as R50 per month or more.